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Izrael (Touring Atlas and Easy Guide) atlasz - Carta
Izrael (Touring Atlas and Easy Guide) atlasz - Carta
15 820 Ft

Izrael (Touring Atlas and Easy Guide) atlasz - Carta


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15 820 Ft
Indexed road atlas of Israel with street plans of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Each page of road maps is annotated with brief descriptions of places of interest, including instructions for access, and similar information for street plans gives opening hours and phone numbers.

Road network, presented with clear, easy to read cartography, includes local and unpaved roads. Junction names are highlighted. Railway lines are shown with stations and the atlas also marks the course of the “Israel Track” long-distance hiking path. Areas of Palestinian control or joint authority are clearly defined. The course of the separation wall is marked as well as the 1974 separation of forces lines.

Nature reserves and other protected areas as prominently marked. A wide range of symbols shows locations of various places of interest, including archaeological and historical sites, campsites and hostels, beaches and recreational areas, etc. The maps have 1km margin ticks. Map legend and all the text are in English. All place names are shown in Roman alphabet only.

Street plans are provided for central Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, both with street indexes. A special feature of this atlas are panels, placed on each page of road maps, with descriptions of main places of interest (all highlighted on the maps) and instructions for access. Similar information is also provided for the two cities.

Where appropriate, road maps are also annotated with panels showing frequencies for local radio stations.