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Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia - Footprint
Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia - Footprint
7 490 Ft
5 618 Ft

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia - Footprint

Claire Boobbyer, Andrew Spooner & Jock O’Tailan
2nd Edition
Published: 01 Feb 2008
560 Pages
Including 18 pages in colour 27 colour maps 44 B/W maps

Szállítási határidő: 3 hét
7 490 Ft
5 618 Ft
Kezdete: 2009.03.28   A készlet erejéig!
Kedvezmény 25
Megtakarítás 1 872 Ft
Hit the trail and get the most out of Southeast Asia with Footprint’s new guide, part of a series covering classic travellers' routes, taking you from Mekong Delta to the Chinese border in northern Laos. Perfect for a career break, retirement jaunt or an adventure-packed holiday. Takes you along the entire length of the mighty Mekong River. Lots of full colour maps, no frills description: we tell it like it is. Lists best places to stay, including hostels and roadhouses, with suggestions on where to splash the cashand where to buy the best silk and taste the finest Indochine cuisine. Takes you round all the main temples, palaces and pagodas, and a few hidden surprise too…


Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam as well as a short section on Bangkok in Thailand.